Triathletes and Open Water Swimmers

Open water and long distance swimming presents a lot of challenges for your average adult.  Whether your planning to race or just build basic survival skills in a large body of water, it is important to learn the factors and challenges to staying relaxed and swimming efficiently. 

Competitive Swimmers

For high school, age group swimmers and beyond: master the four strokes in a one-on-one or small group setting outside of normal team practice. In additional to technical help, I also provide optional off-season programming as well as dryland training for those looking to improve strength and power. 

Injury Recovery

Staying active and moving around after injury and surgery is key aspect to recovery. Swimming is a great, low-impact tool that can help accelerate rehabilitation from injuries while also increasing your level of fitness. However, poor swim technique can also lead to other problems - learn to do strokes efficiently and with proper body mechanics in order to get the full benefit of recovery. 


More and more athletes from all sports are turning to swimming to supplement their strength and conditioning training. Cross training in the pool has proven to improve athlete's cardiorespiratory control, endurance, recovery, and muscular balance (among other things). 

I work with everyone from powerlifters to MMA fighters looking to develop programming that fits into their training schedule. I also design workouts and most importantly, help with technique in order to help athletes avoid injury and get the most out of pool training. 


Whether you are an adult or young child, if you want to spend time in water, knowing how to swim is an essential life skill. Fortunately, it is never too late to learn how to swim. For beginners, I focus a lot on breathing and balance techniques to get you feeling comfortable and building confidence. With a little relaxation, technical help and coaching support, you will be on your way to swimming laps in no time.